Sociolinguistics Summer School 5

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Sociolinguistics SuSummer school logo_DUBLINmmer Schools are an opportunity for early-stage researchers (Masters and PhD) in any area of sociolinguistics to attend workshops, seminars and lectures with leaders in the field, as well as present their on-going research to peers.

SSS5 will be a four day event structured around student and researcher-led workshops and conference style presentations. Prominent sociolinguists representing three different fields will be invited to SSS5 and their individual research focus will form the theme for each day. The invited speakers will each deliver: i) a plenary lecture in the morning, ii) a practical workshop in the mid-morning period, and iii) chair a panel of conference presentations delivered by the student delegates in the afternoon. This is the first time the SSS will be held in Ireland!




  1. Carla says:

    Where can I find registration information for this year’s summer school?

  2. Esther says:

    Hi, will there be a sociolinguistics summer school in 2015 as well? If so, do you know already the dates? Kind regards, esther

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