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Registration for SSS5 is now open!

Start here

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Instructions for registration


  1. Go to the following link:

  1. Put in the registration amount. The early bird rate is currently €95.00. The early bird rate will be available until 5pm (GMT) on Friday 20th June. After this the fee will go up to €105.00. The 1 day rate for SSS5 is €30.00.

Note: make sure to type in the amount as 95.00, 105.00 or 30.00

  1. In the Reference field, type in your initials (e.g. CD). Important: if you are registering for the day rate, please use the reference field to tell us what day you wish to register for. E.g. if you wish to register for 30th July only and your intials are CD, type in “CD 30 July”.

For day rate participants: below is a breakdown of which invited speaker will be presenting on each day. More information on student presentations will be released soon.

Monday 28th July: Helen Kelly-Holmes

Tuesday 29th July: Robert Lawson

Wednesday 30th July: Daniel Ezra Johnson

Thursday 31st July: Diarmait Mac Giolla Chríost

  1. In the Name field, type in your full name, in the format First Name Last Name.
  2. Enter in the email address to which you wish to have your registration confirmation sent.
  3. In the Contact Phone Number field, please put the phone number where you can be contacted at home as well as abroad, if possible (e.g. a mobile phone number). Please include the international dialing code, e.g. +33 123 4567
  4. Please note: there is a typo in the contact email address for Bronwyn Salmon (who you should email if you have any problems with registration). Her email is, and not the address on the form.
  5. Click on ‘Online Payment’ and continue to follow the prompts until the payment has been processed.

Note: please allow some time to receive your confirmation email and make sure to check your spam email folder if the confirmation email does not appear in your inbox.


Looking forward to welcoming you to SSS5!


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